The Accounting Department is committed to quality in professional expectations & Programming, Research Pursuits and Customer service. Accounting Department takes Multidisciplinary approach to the field, integrating Finance and Accounts in order to save work, costs and increase quality of information.

"TRUE & TRASNPARENCY ON LINE ACCOUNTING" is a vital objective of the account department. We will deliver the most cost-effective quality accounting information and we encourage our employees to complete all their work in a timely fashion through a co-ordinated program of senior managers and the Management. In co-operation with our auditors, we are committed to keep all our accounting transactions in accordance to UAE legal law and international standards.

We are using a well integrated ERP to support all transactions and reports required for our valued management, directors, bankers, and auditors. It has also supported management decision making in preparing up to date and on time information.

The account department provides all training and experience through its work offerings, including information technology, communication techniques and team work which will help to increase important role in the department to show the potential and capacity to success to complete all requirements and commitments on time with complete dedication & determination.