I would like to thank you for giving me your kind attention and valued time. We have developed this website to keep in touch with our valued clients and business partners. As part of our professional approach, we encourage you to use the website facilities.

With more than half a century experience in the import and export business, we have established Al Qadah Trading since 1989 with an objective of responding to the diverse demands in the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asian Market.

With grace of God and our Professional and experienced management and administrative team, we have achieved new horizons of success and developed our business year by year with higher profit level. These developments are just the beginning of bright future full of wise and timely decisions.

As you are aware, the 2008 financial crisis had paralyzed the economy of the world resulting in bankruptcy of many companies, we immediately took appropriate action avoiding this massive economical tsunami. Consequently, we were praised by banks, suppliers, and customers for such a wise and professional measure to keep our company stable.

I personally believe in the following principles and encourage my employees to abide by them throughout their dealings with our clients:

  1. If some business endeavor is pleasant and fruitful for me, I like others to enjoy it the same. Hence, I don't like loss and failure neither for myself nor my business partners.
  2. I insist that we should value moral virtues and respect rights in all kind of dealings and trades.
  3. I adore honesty and a fair and balanced approach towards my business partners and clients for long-term business relationship.
  4. Al Qadah Trading Company has always enjoyed financial stability and integrity. This is due to proper dealings with the Banks and Credit institutions in the Unites Arab Emirates. We have preserved this status as a valuable gem for our company profile.
  5. I have always avoided any sorts of discrimination in my dealings and forbidden power seeking practices.
  6. I have always respected the law and avoided Al Qadah to penetrate any illegal activity. Al Qadah has been transparent and clear since establishment in 1989.

In the end, I would like to emphasize that the best way to predict your future is to create it and not to wait for it. I wish you fruitful and successful life.

Best Wishes

Mohammad Ali Barazandeh