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Al Qadah – القاده

We often get called Al Gaddah, even Al Qaeda (القاعده) but our actual name is Al Qadah (القادة) General Trading Co LLC which comes from leaders. One of our Super Gule Brands that is used around the world is called Leaders.

We live in a world that is multilingual and hence multicultural. This is particularly true about Dubai, with about 85% expat population from many countries across the world. We learn a great deal from the people of different cultures everyday. But with the advantages come a few complications. One such complication is the (lack of) translation of the proper nouns used for organizations and individuals.

Al Qadah Logo

Our name is Al Qadah (القادة) which means Leaders. We were established as a formal organization under the Dubai Economic Department in the year 1989 with the official name Al Qadah Trading Company L.L.C.

We have nothing to do with the group Al Qaeda. There is another company we are aware of in the household business by the name القداح . This is managed by another organization all together.