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AirMyFun is an established manufacturer of Inflatable Bouncy Castles and Slides (also known as Jumping Castles) that are both affordable and durable. With support available locally thru Al Qadah, this brand is becoming the favorite for home size inflatable structures. It will excite children big and small as they bounce and slide about safe and sound. If you can have one of your own, why do you want to hire one? Check with us, it is quite affordable, consider the retail prices from Amazon.

AirMyFun manufactures a variety of wet and dry inflatable jumping castles, bounce houses, inflatable slides. These cater to children of different ages. The vibrant colors make them stand out in the backyard, or the public play area of the community. They attract the attention of the guests, neighbors and relatives alike.

The founder of AirMyFun has over 25 years of experience in the production of inflatables. A lot of it is with leading international retailers. Each pack contains various play items and accessories making it easy to inflate them at the right place all by the end-user with minimal assitance.

These are maintained locally in the vast warehouses of Al Qadah and distributed across the entire region through its chain of in-house and arranged transportation mechanisms.

Contact us on Whatsapp to obtain a catalogue of all the available jumping castle and slides in stock. You can also order others with minimum lead times. Alternatively, you can look through our directory of salespeople to request someone to visit you or visit us at the showroom closest to you.