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Leader in Above Ground Swimming Pools, Air Mattresses and Inflatable Spas

Intex is a globally recognized brand, renowned for its versatile range of high-quality, affordable inflatable products, including swimming pools, swimming floats, inflatable furniture such as floating beds, and other recreational items. Popular for its innovation and commitment to customer satisfaction, Intex products cater to people of all ages.

Popular Categories

Swimming Pools (Above Ground)

Intex above-ground swimming pools are a hit among retailers and event management companies. The quick and easy setup and variety of sizes make them ideal for seasonal sales and temporary installations. Businesses can capitalize on the high demand during warmer months, offering a cost-effective alternative to permanent pools.

Swim Accessories

For businesses looking to expand their product range, Intex swim accessories are a lucrative addition. Essential items like maintenance kits, water filtration systems, and safety equipment, Intex can boost your pool sales and provide continuous revenue streams through repeat purchases.

Swimming Floats

Intex swimming floats are perfect for businesses catering to family recreation and leisure markets. Their appealing designs and reliable quality make them popular choices for retail stores, resorts, and amusement parks, ensuring high turnover and customer satisfaction. Baby float varieties are among the most popular items.

Inflatable Furniture

Intex inflatable furniture offers versatile solutions for hospitality and rental companies. Lightweight, easy to store, and quick to set up, these pieces are perfect for events, temporary accommodations, and seasonal setups.

Inflatable Boats

Intex inflatable boat products appeal to outdoor and adventure retailers. Durable and easy to transport, these boats are ideal for rental businesses, tour operators, and sporting goods stores. They offer a practical and affordable way for customers to enjoy water activities, driving strong sales and rental opportunities.

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When it comes to sourcing Intex products in the UAE, Al Qadah stands out as the premier wholesaler. With a vast selection of Intex offerings, Al Qadah ensures that businesses and retailers have access to the latest and most popular products.

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