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Trusted Worldwide, since 1989

Head Office

Established in the year 1989 as AL QADAH Trading Co. LLC we have progressed regionally as a core component of the supply chain for so many essential items that have contributed to the growth of the region. Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates; under the Federal Commercial Companies Law No.(8) of 1984 we have increased range of products and increased care for the community.

We are a reliable, professional, efficient and dedicated team with a wide-ranging functional distribution network. We are a significant connection between producers in China and the consumer markets all over Middle East, Africa and Central Asian Market. Our deep understanding of the markets allows us to select the appropriate range of products that we stock in the United Arab Emirates to reduce lead times to the target consumer markets โ€“ the world class warehouse are central to the distribution network.

Our portfolio includes Swimming Gear, Household, Baby care products, Stationery, Party and Decoration Products as major categories. A few of our brands are INTEX, CAMERA, JAPLO, LION STAR and LEADERS SUPERGLUE. We have a wide variety of culturally appropriate products stocked in the United Arab Emirates ready to ship anywhere in the region at short notice. We, at Al Qadah, envision playing a leading role in the further growth of the region by globally sourcing high-quality products at a fair value & providing our customers with a wide range of Branded and Innovative products.